Private services

The private services are an ideal alternative for groups that want to have an exclusive experience for themselves, where they also have the possibility of extending the trip taking additional hours.

 You can carry things to eat or can even use a grill on the yacht. Our service is ideal for activities such as:

Business events

Photo shoots


Night cruises



The fishing tour is made in Palomino Islands of Callao; there will be 2 or 3 stops depending on the time you hire and the fishing that is being obtained:

  • First stop is in the denominated area EL BOQUERON, which is between San Lorenzo Island and EL FRONTON.
  • Second stop will make in Cavinzas Islands
  • Third stop will make by the north side of San Lorenzo Islands.


The fishing of the zone is of fishes of Anisotremus scapularis, Serranus cabrilla, Conger conger, etc. This can make with string that we give you as well as the bait.

Another option if you would like a fishing rod is additional $10 dollars per it. It is also possible to rent a boat where you can approach to the rocks; this is an additional of $ 50 dollars.


The prices are for 4 hours of service, if you want more hours, we can add hours according to the schedule.


To have good possibilities you have to go out earlier, between 6 or 7 in the morning.



In the regular service, you can immerse once in Palomino islands, the scuba divers go out in the regular service to Palomino Islands together with that conventional tourists, once you get in Palomino islands while the others are receiving the explanation of the guide and then they observing the sea lions or swimming with them the scuba divers with their instructor, go to immerse for 40 minutes to be in the area. Then they return to the yacht and continue with the tour.


To have original diving license from any international institution certified by PADI, CMAS, etc.


It includes wetsuits, masks, fins, snorkel, life jackets, compensator, BCD,  regulator and oxygen tank for 30 minutes with an average depth of 10 meters.

We have 2 routes, you can choose the best option for your celebration.

Callao Bay Island

and San Lorenzo

It’s a calm trip recommended for groups who looking to share in a relaxing place that provides sailing on a yacht, in a calm seascape without having to worry about feel dizzy.



The tours begins at LA PUNTA beach where we have CANTOLAO beach, the Nautical Clubs, the Navy School and continue with the Camotal part of Callao that sank in 1746, then we go to El Fronton Island where we will see the remains of the old prison, we continue with San Lorenzo Islands where we appreciate the Presidential Beach and the Naval Base, then we go to see the sunken ship and the port of Callao, the Grau square, La Fortaleza del Real Felipe and the Chucuito beach.

Palomino Islands

The other route is Palomino Islands, in this trip you can see all the first route and we will also go to Palomino Islands where the sea lions are, in this tour, you can swim with them. The tour consists of navigating the San Lorenzo Island, Frontón, Cavinzas and finally Palomino Island. In addition you will see guano birds and penguins.

For more information, write us an email, send us the date of the service, the numbers of passengers and the time you want to begin the tour to make the quote.