Frequency questions

1. What does the tour include?

The tour includes soda, hot and cold drinks and unlimited snacks. A guide with years of experiences and life jackets.

2. What are the departures days?

Our service is every day of the year, always previous reservation. From Monday to Friday the departure time is at 11:30 AM, Saturday, Sunday and holidays at 10 AM and 2 PM.

3. Can children travel?

  Yes, children up 2 ride for free.

4. Can adults travel?

Yes they can, if they have a good health condition.

5. Where is the meeting point?

In La Punta beach that is a safe place and the departure is in private dock.

6. Where can I park?

There is public parking at the Punta city hall.

7. Can disabled people travel?

It depends of what kind of disability.

8. How is the yacht?

Our yacht are ships of 2 floors, dining room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms

 9. Does the yacht have bathrooms?

Yes, every yacht has 2 bathrooms.

10. What kind of clothes I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes and a light jacket. Depends of the time of the year.

11. Does the tour has a tourism guide?

The tour has a tourism bilingual guide (English-Spanish)

12. What days do you have departure?

We have daily guarantee departures, previous booking.

13. Does the tour has insurance?

Yes, all the passengers have insurance for the trip.

14. Can I get into the water even I don’t know how to swim?

Yes, you can get into the water with a life jacket.

15. How can I to book?

You can book in the “BOOKING” section of this web page or by phone 226-8530, sending the list of passenger such as: names, ages, passport number and a contact number.

16. Do you do private services?

Yes, we do private services, you can celebrate birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, fishing and diving. Go to the “CONTACT US” section, indicating the date, the kind of celebration, the hours and how many people.

17. How long is the tour?

The Palomino Islands Tour is 4 hours approximately.

18. Can I feel seasickness?

If you follow all our recommendation, you will be fine.

19. How long can I swim with the sea lions?

Up to 40 minutes approximately.

20. Do you have wetsuits?

Yes, but we have a limited stock. Fist come first served.

21. Can I take a shower in the yacht?

We have a shower phone, this can be used as soon as you return from the water. You can’t use shampoo or soap.

22. Do you give pills for the seasickness?

Yes, we give you a pill per passenger at the beginning of the tour. It’s free.

23. Are seats numbered?

No, the seats are not numbered. The passengers can be in any part of the yacht, in the first or second floor.

24. Do the sea lions bite?

The sea lions do not bite. You can swim with sea lions babies, they are playful and curious.

25. Is the sea cold?

In the summer the water is not cold, the passengers can swim with swimwear. In autumn the temperature get cold, so we borrow wetsuits.

26. Are photos included?

Not included photos services; however our crew can help you with the camera.

27. Can I bring my own food?

Yes, but we recommend you to carry light meal to avoid seasickness.

28.  How can I pay the tour?

You can pay with your credit card through our website.